• Electric Motor Rewinding Process

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  • W22 3 Frame Electric Motor Sizes

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  • New WEG electric motors

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  • CFW08 speed drive

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Welcome to SOCO

Based in Palmerston North, SOCO offer repair, rewinds and service work for all brands of electric motors, pumps and most powertools throughout the lower North Island.

We stock a range of BROOK and Crompton Greaves electric motors, Davies Pumps (domestic/industrial), Hydro-mec and NORD Gearboxes, Eric Drive (VSDs), fans and a wide range of WEG electric motors, drives, DOL, soft starters.  We are the WEG Authorised Service Centre for the Manawatu region.

SOCO is a branch of EMG (Electric Motor Group) a direct importer of electric motors and electrical equipment from around the world.  EMG has two other branches RMS (Rotating Machinery Supplies) in Hamilton and MTL (Motor Technologies Ltd) in Auckland.

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