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Power Transmission

Quality components for longer service life

With a vast product range from world renowned brands such as Tsubaki, Bando and Kana we can support you with your power transmission products. Our range of stocked products including roller chain, sprockets, v-belts, jaw couplings, roller chain couplings, coupling elements and pulleys that are suitable for all types of industries. Large or small, from concrete plants to lolly makers and everything in between we are here to support you. We can also source and supply specialised products as required.

If you don’t see the product you need replaced, then give Dean or Ariana a call and they can source it for you. We also source and supply specialised products as required.

Chain + Sprockets

Roller Chain + Sprockets

We stock a range of Tsubaki and Kana roller chain available in both British and American standard, simplex, duplex, triplex.  Other styles we also have available include conveyor chain, stainless chain and corrosion resistant.

Our off the shelf sprockets include simplex pilot bore, simples taper bushed, duplex and triplex.  We can also bore and key sprockets on site.


We stock a range of A, B, SPA, SPB v-belts from world renowned brands.  Other styles we have available include C, SPC vee belts, cogged vee belts, banded v-belts.  We can also source speciality v-belts including timing belts and micro v.


We stock a range of pulley types which include single and multi groove taper lock pulleys, biloc arrangement pulleys and pilot bore pulleys.  We can also source speciality sized pulleys.
L-Jaw Couplings

L-Jaw Couplings

We stock a range of L-Jaw pre-bored couplings.  We also have other styles available including tyre couplings, HRC couplings, centaflex couplings, pin & bush couplings, grid couplings, gear couplings, rigid couplings and universal couplings.
Chain Couplings
Roller Chain Couplings
Coupling Elements
Coupling Elements

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