Low Voltage



IEC cast iron
Off the shelf motors for industrial applications
Available in frame sizes 71 to 355, 0.18 to 355 kW



Three phase aluminium motors and

B56 Series: rolled steel, fixed foot, imperial frame sizes

Electric motors

Our Palmerston North, Manawatu warehouse stocks a wide range of electric motors from leading global brands: ABB, Brook Crompton, Crompton Greeves, Elprom and EMG. Our range includes single and three phase motors ranging from 0.18 through to 355 kW and 63 to 355 frame sizes in 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole options. Our vast range supports a variety of industries and sectors throughout Manawatu and the lower North Island.

Within our single phase motors, we stock CSCR (capacitor start capacitor run) and PSC (permanent split capacitor) electric motors in general performance, AC/DC brake and explosion proof motors in cast iron and/or aluminium. Our three phase motor offering includes general performance, brake, DC, explosion proof in aluminium and/or cast iron. We can also source speciality motors including brake, crusher duty, high voltage, DC, two speed, mining and explosion proof.

Three Phase Electric Motors

Three Phase

Three phase motors are available off the shelf in cast iron or aluminium 0.25kW through to 355kW.  Frame sizes range from 71 through to 355 in 2, 4, 6 or 8 pole.  Mounting options include B3 foot, B5 (D) flange, B35 foot and flange, B14 (C) face and B34 foot and face. 

We also offer special three phase motors including reduced frame, stainless steel, flameproof, B56 and AC/DC brake motors.
Single Phase Electric Motors

Single Phase

Single phase motors are available in capacitor start capicitor run (CSCR motor) and perminant split capacitor (PSC motor) motors with sizes 0.37 kw through to 3kW or 71 to 100 frame sizes.  Construciton options include rolled steel or aluminium with fixed or multi mount feet options.
AC/DC Brake Motor

AC/DC Brake

Brake motors provide the means of slowing or stopping the driven equipment effectively and safely in a very short time period.  Available in single and three phase in either AC or DC and have various torque settings for rapid or softer braking. 

AC and DC brake motors come in either cast iron or aluminium construction with various mounting options including B3 foot, B5 (D) flange, B35 foot and flange, B14 (C) face and B34 foot and face.
B56 Series

B56 Series

B56 frame general purpose motors are compact and reliable for various applications.  Constructed in rolled steel shell imperial B56 frame size with a standard 5/8" shaft size.    Fixed foot mounting with a flange mount option available.  Motors are fitted with a manual reset thermal overload.
Flameproof Electric Motors


Elprom provide a series of aluminium flameproof  motors that are completely modular meaning the feet and flanges can be
mounted without affecting the Ex type of protection. Mounting options include either B3 foot or B5 (D) flange.

Available in three phase, CSCR and PSC in 2 and 4 pole with Ex-d and Ex-de protection that are specifically designed for hazardous areas.
Reduced Frame Electric Motors

Reduced Frame

Reduced frame motors by Rotomotive are compact and can be used in a wide range of applications.  The motors are typically one frame size smaller than their standard duty providing high starting torque with low starting current. 

Suitable for frequent starts/stops and reversals.  Available in 1.1 kW through to 11kW 2 or 4 pole.  Frame size from 80 to 132.
Stainless Steel Electric Motor

Stainless Steel

The EMG range of stainless steel electric motors are high efficiency, IP66 (hose proof/dust tight).  These motors are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries.  They are three phase and range from 0.18kW to 9.2 kW in 2 and 4 pole.  Mounting options are either B5 (D) flange or B14 (C) face..


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